What is the WV Angel Investor Network?



The West Virginia Angel Investor Network seeks investment opportunities in two sectors – companies seeking seed capital (companies that do not have sales or may not have a completed or tested product/service) and early stage capital (companies with sales near or above $500k per year): 

·     Companies should have products/service with clear and strong intellectual property protection (patent protection) of specific features that competitors do not have and cannot copy easily,

·     Companies are entering a competitive environment where existing products/services do not solve significant problems that buyers want solved – for instance, the cost of existing products may be considered prohibitive for many buyers,

·     Companies have products/services that clearly solve one or more of the problems buyers have with existing products/services,

·     The market the company is pursuing is clearly identifiable; the competitive landscape is not dominated by a few very large entrenched companies, the company has a management team in-place, the company will not use our Angel investment to pay down debt, and the company is realistic about the amount of ownership they are willing to give up. 


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